Don’t Just Build a House. Build a Home.

What’s the difference, you might ask.  It may be just semantics, but to me it’s an important distinction.  A house is a building where you live that provides shelter from the elements.  But a home is so much more – it is a reflection of its inhabitants, it is a place of comfort that exudes a sense of well-being, it addresses practical needs, and it provides emotional as well as physical security.  Ideally, it is where you feel content and safe.

I can hear the next logical question coming.  Don’t you start with a house and make it your home?  Yes, of course that’s true.  But the house you start with can make an enormous difference to the outcome.

The process of building a home is a leap of faith.  There are so many aspects to consider – the location, the climate, efficient use of resources both in building and for the life of the home, your particular needs and desires, your taste, and of course your budget.  Balancing all of these factors can be a challenge.

That challenge is what I love about the design process.  In order to help you as my client achieve your goals in building, I need to really listen to you and get to know you.  I have a chance to apply some creativity to your project, to work with you to make the most of the available ingredients to create your home.

The end result is not about me or my personal preferences.  It’s about you – this will not just be your house, it will be your home.

— Helga B. Lilley