Georgia Riverside

This home is situated on a large, wooded lot in coastal Georgia.  The property borders a river, and is quite low-lying – only about 8 feet above sea level.  It lies on the outskirts of a small town with strong local traditions and charming vernacular homes.

When the couple who own the property began their planning process, they wanted to honor the heritage of the locale.  They wanted to build a home that looked like it had been there for a long time, but also would be storm- and flood-resistant.  And of course it should make the most of its lovely setting and allow its owners and their young son to enjoy outdoor living and entertaining.

The result is a traditional-looking home with deep porches that is built up on piers to elevate it above potential floodwaters.  Constructed of SIPs, it is engineered to weather storms that seasonally batter the region.  The rear of the house faces the river and opens onto a porch which transitions a few steps down to a large pool and pool deck, offering plenty of outdoor living space.  The first floor has generous open spaces for cooking and entertaining, as well as a guest suite that could one day become a master suite.  A bathroom is directly accessible from the porch for use when coming in from the pool, and there is a “fish room” housing tanks and equipment for tropical fish! The fish tanks are visible from the living area, where they flank the fireplace. On the second floor there are two bedrooms (master and child’s) each with ensuite bath, as well as a craft room.  Both bedrooms open onto a second-floor porch with magnificent views to the river.  The planned garage will have a small apartment above which will serve as an in-law suite, complete with its own second-floor deck.

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