Cottage on the Marsh

Marshfront living along the South Carolina coast is a wonderful experience. Scenery is constantly changing as the tides come and go. The seasons each bring their own splendors – springtime announces its arrival with fresh bright green shoots of marsh grasses and breezes that become gentler and milder. Summer winds off the water offer respite from the humid heat. In the fall, mature marsh grasses turn brown as the temperatures slowly cool. During winter, myriad birds call the marsh home, providing endless entertainment. What a beautiful spot for a home!

This cottage is designed to be oriented with the entry side facing in a southerly direction, and the northern side facing the marsh (see floor plan here). The marsh side of the house has a full-length porch offering views and cool shaded seating areas. The short sides of the house with minimal exposure – the eastern and western sides – are subject to the low-angled early morning and late afternoon rays of the hot summer sun. Operable windows, large French doors, and an open living plan promote cross-ventilation. In winter, when the sun is lower in the sky, large windows in the kitchen on the south side welcome light and warmth.

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