Design Process

A dream home can be a long time in the making, but is often worth the wait.  Some years ago, these clients purchased a sprawling 40-acre property in northern Texas with the intention of eventually building there.  They began their search for home designs that appealed to them.  When they came across images of the Lowcountry Home on Helga Lilley’s website, they contacted her to inquire about purchasing construction drawings.

After some correspondence back and forth, the conversation died out for a time as the clients realized they were not quite ready to proceed.  But several years later, after further thought, planning, and research, they reached out again with a request for a customized design that would incorporate some of their favorite aspects of the original design but would also meet their particular requirements.

And so a wonderful collaboration began.  Having spent much time and effort collecting images and ideas, the couple shared with Helga what they had gathered.  Of course, the site was also of primary importance.  The home should look like it belonged, as well as take advantage of solar orientation and views.

The design process, as expected, was an iterative one.  Helga developed sketches for the couple to react to, spurring more ideas leading to a further refined design.   The final result was completed in early 2018, a joint effort that is now home to a dedicated and persistent couple.

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