New England Cape Design Goals

The plan was straight-forward – create a very traditional-looking cape-style home that is extremely energy-efficient.  To achieve this goal, strategies employed include:

  • Taking maximum advantage of solar orientation and wind direction
  • Designing a building envelope of highly-insulated double-stud walls with minimal thermal bridging and careful detailing to seal potential air leaks
  • Utilizing an electric mini-split heat pump system for heating and cooling
  • Incorporating an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) system to recapture heat energy from stale indoor air and transferring it to fresh intake air
  • Specifying insulated windows with simulated divided lites (SDL) to invoke the look of traditional divided-lite windows
  • Creating a small, compact design that meets the couple’s needs without adding seldom-used unnecessary spaces
  • Using traditional finishing materials with careful attention to historic detailing
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